“My Autism and Me”: lovely BBC documentary

This is a wonderful little video about a young British girl named Rosie who has Asperger Syndrome, and who has a little brother named Lenny who has classic autism.

I found it on the site of another WordPress blogger (thank you, Ragga!) and was instantly riveted, not least because Rosie and Ben both remind me of myself when I was young.

Memorable quotes: “Right now, Lenny is nesting on the TV!” (Rosie) and “Everyone else is weird. I’m normal.” (Tony) 🙂

It’s just over 14 minutes long, and the accents may be a bit hard for North American listeners to follow for the first minute or so until your ears become attuned to the difference (I say they’re Scottish and my friend A. says “generic middle-class British”… stay tuned!).

Anyway, until then, get yourself a nice cup of tea and a couple of biscuits, settle in, and prepare to be moved.

My Autism and Me


4 thoughts on ““My Autism and Me”: lovely BBC documentary

  1. you may be interested in contacting TAASC ( i think it’s called ) they are a group on the spectrum – which you can find at http://www.meetup.com – i’ve hung out with these people and they are a great support group – and i am from east york as well ( as i am assuming the o’connor bridge means you live in the area) – you can contact me at
    sweetwater@live.com – presently i am in Vienna researching Hans Asperger – relatively enjoying mysel but dealing with issues of representation of self and society – you may also come to the realization – that NT’s (some – anyway) are a waste of time- hang out with people on the spectrum – start a paper / a cafe / or some business where the profits and proceeds go towards representation of the ‘autistic spectrum condition’ – Darryl

  2. Cool. That’s my favourite little film about autism. My two children loved it. They have Northern English accents (quite strong). Newsround is a really well respected children’s TV programme here and that episode won an award i think. My children thought Lenny was fantastic and one of our favourite comments was when Rosie said ‘Look at him – he’s brilliant…’ as he nested on top of the television. We also loved his bubble filled bathroom.

    • Rosie reminds me of myself when I was a kid, which is I guess why I connected. I thought that piece was really well done.
      And Lenny’s nest — oh yes. What lovely parents to just let him do what he does. My mum was occasionally very patient with me, letting me drink milk out of a dish on the floor if I was having a Cat Day, or just listen to the sound of the fridge motor (and stepping over me as she went about her business) if I felt like doing that.

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