New at the Café: “Resources, Information, Links” page

Look up. Look waaaa-a-a-a-aaay up.

Yup, there it is, just below the “Asperger Café” banner — our new “Resources, Information, Links” page!

There you go! Can't miss it.

Whether you have Asperger’s, or think you or someone you know might have it, this page will hopefully answer some of the many questions you have.

For now I’ve divided it into roughly four areas:

  • Basic information, or What is Asperger Syndrome?
  • Books
  • Film/video
  • Interesting, fun, quirky, amusing, food for thought

…and I’m nowhere near done.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled, and I encourage you all to send me your suggestions as well, and links to your own Asperger-related blogs if you like.

You can contact me via a Reply here, or by emailing me. Up to you.

Let’s grow this thing. 🙂

–Asparagus Girl.


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