The cure for “Urgent!”

As an Aspergian, I have until now found freelancing/working from home to be an almost ideal way to earn a living: no office cliques, no need for small talk at the cooler, no having to paint fake eyes onto my glasses and pretend to be awake at meetings.

However, I’m realizing that it does have its downside: very little job security (meaning one always leaps at any project that is offered), and no vacations, benefits, sick days or (increasingly) days off at all.

La vie freelance...

La vie freelance…

This year has been particularly gruelling, and over the last two weeks (that period known as “The Christmas Holidays” in a former life) it’s finally reached critical mass.

Here is what I wrote this afternoon about the experience — plus a lovely gallery of photos (if I do say so myself) at the end, showing how I blew off some steam yesterday & (at least temporarily) restored what’s left of my sanity.

Frequent readers will note that I often “share” entries between my two blogs, copying the text and re-inserting each photo. However, in the interest of not spending any more time than necessary at this computer, I’m taking a shortcut and simply providing the link (again, here).

Back to the Space Channel’s “Star Trek: The Next Generation” marathon I go!

–Asparagus Girl

Celebrity City

“I sense you’re feeling a bit burned out.”


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