My little Mosquito: finished at last

For the last several months I’ve been hard at work on a very special project: making a replica of my grandfather’s Mosquito bomber.

Jack's army (RAF) ID photo

Jack’s army (RAF) ID photo

The genesis of the project, and my startling discoveries about my grandfather (whom I’d never met and of whom I have only a couple of photos), are detailed here in this blog, and here on my other non-Asperger blog.

Long story short, for those of you who won’t click, is that when I met my birth mother, nearly 30 years ago, she gave me several photos of my grandfather, saying only that he’d been a Mosquito pilot in WWII. Early this year I started to research him in earnest, with an eye to building the exact Mosquito he flew, and discovered, to my immense shock and pride, that he’d flown with an elite RAAF squadron, Squadron 464, known as the Gestapo Hunters.

It’s been an interesting journey of discovery — of my roots, of a grandfather I never knew (he lived through the war but died shortly before I met my birth mother), and of previously unknown wellsprings of patience as I worked at something I’d never done before.

(The exception to that patience came yesterday when I was affixing the itty-bitty serial number decals, which had to be cut, soaked, detached, and applied individually. With tweezers and a magnifying glass. ARGHHGHGHGHHG…..)

Anyway, without further ado, here below are the pictures of the work in progress, and the finished product.

My next project will be a replica of the Spitfire flown by the late husband of my dear friend Ann, who has generously loaned me his Pilot’s Log Book and training manual. As soon as I have done my research in same, it’s back to the table for me.

I’m hooked.


2 thoughts on “My little Mosquito: finished at last

  1. Well done. Enjoyed reading your blog very much. If you could find any stories about your grandfather and his missions I am sure they would be of interest.

    • I actually have found his log books online at the Australian Archives — not his own log books, mind you, but those of the squadron leader. It’s really fascinating.
      I’m trying to get hold of a book called The Gestapo Hunters, which details the missions and history of 464 Squadron.
      If I find out anything more, I’ll post it here.
      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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